About the course

The risk of harm is inherent in the provision of nursing care. The nurses and the nursing care they provide are judged based on a legal definition for the standard of care for nurses. But, the issues related to regulations, standards and compliance with nurse practice acts and scope of practice is not always well understood. Nurses must understand and comply with the policies and procedures established at their facilities in which the applicable laws and standards will be incorporated. Therefore, the law and regulations that guide and govern nursing practice is to be well known by nurses.

Nurses are also responsible for providing high-quality care for their patients. They are definitely confronted with various ethical challenges in their professional practice. Codes of ethics are the ultimate guidance for nursing as many other professions. The way nurses behave, reflects the image of the organization. It is essential that the nurse has basic knowledge regarding ethical considerations in healthcare.

This course is to expand the knowledge of nurses regarding the legal and ethical issues in nursing, which will help them to encounter clinical situations that require ethical judgment, be familiar with ethical codes of conduct and the essentials of ethical decision making.

Learning Outcomes

  • State legal terms related to nursing practice.
  • Improve evidence based practice and standard of nursing care.
  • Apply the principles of documentation in report writing.
  • Explain the legal concerns in documenting the care and sharing client information or documents.
  • Relate duty of care with legal -ethical aspects of care.
  • Explain the importance of legal and regulatory frameworks impacting on nursing practice.
  • Summarise ethical principles that govern nursing.
  • Examine the legal terms that come across while providing care.

CPD Points

2 Points


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum