About the course

Informatics is becoming increasingly present in the healthcare profession due to rapidly changing technologic advances. Healthcare systems are assimilating technology into daily practice at a good speed. Although, security and patient privacy must be upheld while achieving the goal of transforming data into useful knowledge, integrating informatics with evidence-based practice will only help improve the care we provide to our patients.

With the use of electronic documentation, identifying changes in patient status can occur quickly because the information is readily available. Patient vital signs are always accessible and the data are interpreted, systematized, and arranged. The nurse can use this knowledge to formulate an appropriate plan of action.

This course aims at teaching health professionals the use and benefits of informatics in the practice of care. Advancing the profession along with advancements in technology can be beneficial in improving healthcare quality and outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the elements of health informatics.
  • Explain nursing informatics.
  • Interpret the standards for informatics in nursing education.
  • Understand the nurses’ participation in nursing informatics.
  • Analyze the transformation of healthcare through information technology.
  • Elaborate the role of the Informatics Nurse Specialist.
  • Discuss telemedicine and the services that can be provided by telemedicine.
  • Predict the future of telemedicine.
  • CPD Points

    2 Points


    2 Hours (Self-Paced)

    Course curriculum