About the course

The course on Sexually Transmitted Infections has been designed to familiarize the health professionals about the concepts of sexually transmitted infections and the importance of its knowledge in health care delivery. This course will also give an insight into how a sexual history needs to be collected from patients, risk assessment, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of an STI and also how an STI can be prevented.

Knowledge of STIs is important for nurses as well as other health care professionals, as it helps them to perform better in the health care settings. It also helps nurses to identify those at risk and give them proper education regarding prevention measures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify importance of taking sexual history.
  • Formulate questions to be asked in sexual history taking.
  • Discuss sexually transmissible infection.
  • Explain obstetric and gynaecological history collection and symptom assessment.
  • State the considerations when determining when to screen.
  • Identify sexual problems.
  • Discuss PLISSIT.
  • Define common STIs.
  • Understand the importance of STI control.
  • Enumerate the signs and symptoms.
  • Compose testing, treatment and follow up.
  • Enumerate STI prevention – brief interventions.
  • Recognize brief overview of other STIs.

CPD Points

2 Points


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum